Occupational field:

Environmental Technology, Microbial Electrochemical Technologies, Microbial Fuel Cells

Current Position:

2019-now: Associate Professor (with ius promovendi), Environmental Technology, Wageningen University and Research

Previous Positions:

2019-2021: President of ISMET (International Society for Microbial Electrochemistry & Technology)

2012-2019 Assistant Professor, Environmental Technology, Wageningen University and Research

2006-2010 PhD candidate "Improving the cathode of a Microbial Fuel Cell for efficient electricity production"


2022: ISMET fellow, for outstanding contributions to the research field and the ISMET society

2022: Nominated for Excellent Education Award (category basic courses) at Wageningen University.

2019: NWO Vidi + Aspasia Grant (€850,000) "Understanding and controlling electron flows in electro-active biofilms"

2018: Microbiology Innovation Grant WUR (€100,000) "Methane production from electricity and CO2"

2016: Environmental Science & Technology Letters "Excellence in Review Award"

2014: NWO Veni Grant (€250,000) "Fundamentals and kinetics of electrochemically active microorganisms on capacitive materials"

2011: Prof. Marcel Mulder Prize (€5,000) for PhD project achievements

2011: SENSE PhD Award (€1,000)

Teaching activities:

Coordinator and main teacher of course ETE26304: Renewable Energy Technologies

Lecturer in Environmental Electrochemical Engineering and Research Master Cluster

Other activities:

One of the founding members of the Wageningen Energy Alliance


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